Heritage Christian Fellowship

Meet and Greet

​Just in case you have been hiding under a rock for the past nine months, we are in an election year. Often times there are many who do not take the time to vote except in a presidential election. However, there are many times when non-presidential elections have a great impact on our lives. It is important not only for people to get out and vote, it is even more important for voters to understand the issues and the candidates. As you prepare to vote this year, we want to encourage you to look at how the various candidates stand on the issues that are important to you. Too often, we vote based solely on the letter that comes after their name. There are some who will only vote for those who have a D after their name, while others will only vote for those with a R after their names. We encourage you to look beyond those letters and vote for those who best represent your values.

This year, the City of Warwick will be electing a new mayor. Joseph Solomon and Sue Stenhouse are seeking the votes of the residents of Warwick. To assist the voters of Warwick to better understand where the two candidates stand on the issues that impact our city, Heritage Christian Fellowship will be hosting a Meet and Greet with each of the candidates. This will be an informal gathering where the voters can interact with Mr. Solomon and Ms. Stenhouse. We, as a church, will not endorse either candidate but we feel it is our civic duty to help the voters get the opportunity to hear from the candidates in a situation that is not staged. We appreciate that both candidates have agreed to this type of meeting. If you are a citizen of Warwick, we invite you to attend these Meet and Greet times. You may not always like the answers you get from the candidates but you will at least have the opportunity to ask your questions. If you do attend either or both of these times, we would ask that you be respectful to the candidates. While you may disagree with their stand on certain issues, please understand that each of them wants the best for our city and its residents.

The dates and time for each event is:

Sue Stenhouse     Tuesday, October 23     7:00 - 8:00 PM

Joseph Solomon     Friday, October 26      7:00 - 8:00 PM

We trust you will find these meetings valuable as you make your decision on November 6. 

Guest Speakers

October 7: Our Associate Pastor, Taylor Britto, will be ministering on Sunday, October 7. Taylor is an officer with the Providence Police Department. He has his master's degree in counseling from Regent University. Taylor and his wife Jessica are the proud parents of a brand new baby boy. We know you will be blessed by his ministry.

October 14: On Sunday, October 14, Chuck and Joan Dewing will be ministering to us. Chuck and Joan are lifetime missionaries. They served in the Philippines for many years. God then called them to a very unique ministry. They currently minister to the crew members of ships. This includes merchant ships and cruise ships. If you have ever taken a cruise, you may think of it as a wonderful experience but for those working on the ships it is not a wonderful experience. Many of them are not from the United States and they are only able to see their families a few times a year. Chuck and Joan work with them when they are in port and help organize Bible studies on the ships when they are at sea. We know you will find their stories interesting and challenging. Plan to join with us at 10:45 on the 14th.