Heritage Christian Fellowship

I'm writing outside in our gazebo, enjoying one of the last days of summer; reflecting on the wonderful past months our family has shared. I want to preserve the memories. Just like my mother used to do with her end of summer canning, I am putting the lid on this season; I haven't sealed it yet, because there is some more summer left on the calendar.

I am a child of summer, a child born in the south, where summers are longer and winters shorter. Is it because my birthday is in the summer that I love it so? Or is because the teacher in me always looked forward to a month off? I think the answer is simply that I love the easiness of summer, the ocean waves lapping at my toes, the warm days, and sunshine on my tired limbs.

Every year, as summer ends, I promise myself to appreciate each season, because there is beauty in everyone. So here I am, trying to talk myself into believing the world won't end just because autumn is around the corner. I know there are people who love Fall more than any other season. I get that, but I'm not one of them. So here is how I'm handling the coming days.

I'm praying for each of our grandchildren as they walk through new classroom doors for the first time. I'm praying for our precious daughter as she stands at the door of her own classroom, welcoming a new class of third graders. I'm praying for those teachers in our church and in my life.

I'm looking forward to exciting things happening at our church. I am thrilled about Heritage's recent adoption of Warwick Neck school. We have already made up a huge basket of goodies for the teachers' lounge. Last Thursday three of us collated papers for back to school folders. We want to be salt and light to the wonderful community to which we've been called, and this is our first step.

I'm looking forward to our Fall Festival on September 29, by which time, it will really and truly be fall!  We are lining up crafters for the craft show that accompanies our festivities, booking bounce houses and ice cream vendors, checking to be sure the fire department doesn't forget their promise to be present, working on games and fun activities. So there is certainly some fun to look forward to in our upcoming fall.

I am aware that to everything there is a season. And there is beauty in each of them. The lush greenness of warm summer days, the beauty of fall foliage, the softly falling snow of a winter day, and the promise of new life in spring, all are part of God's plan for the planet we call home.

As I soak up the last rays of this wonderful summer, I understand that there really is a purpose for every season. In one hand, I'm still tightly clutching my favorite months. But I am learning to look forward, so I will open wide the other hand, ready to accept the gifts the new season is offering.And from where I sit, there are many gifts waiting to be unwrapped in the seasons ahead.